An animal per day keeps boredom away

We decided to give a Tiensivu transformation to all the lovely mammals in this book we found in the library. We publish one mammal per day from September 24th to November 24th!

Tiensivu for Pure Waste

A set of patterned sweaters and t-shirts for Pure Waste.

All Pure Waste fabrics are made out of 100% recycled materials that are sourced within the textile manufacturing industry. Pure Waste turns the textile waste into new yarns which it then uses for it's products.

More information about Pure Waste can be found at

Unmonday x Tiensivu Collaboration

A limited edition of hand burned, Lumi for Unmonday leather cases from number 1 to 10.


A pattern for a pair of traditional Paulapieksu shoes.

Uniques for Costo

A range of unique hand patterned products for Costo.

Tiensivu for Plaekä

A limited edition of 24 pairs. Hand patterned Karhu Originals trainers.

Downhill with Janne

A hand patterned suit for downhill skateboarding.

A Sober Dance

An editorial feat. Sampo Marjomaa

Photography by: Juho Vainio

200 names for a bear

is Tiensivu´s first line. All of these eight 2nd hand jackets, were originally made in Finland and are patterned by hand.

Our bags

A range of hand patterned 2nd hand bags.


Patterned to order.

We are open to all kinds of collaborations and ideas so if you feel like there´s a project we could join you in, please let us know!